There are millions of women who are going through a very tough experience right now, and it’s a very painful problem to have.

Women everywhere are asking how to get a man to fall in love with you and want to commit to a future with you without you having to be some pushy manipulative hag.

Right now, according to Sam Roberts of the New York Times, there are more women in the United States living without a husband, than with one.  That’s a striking statistic because it’s the first time in history that it has been this way.  That totals to almost 60 million women in the U.S. alone!  But it’s not just happening in the U.S., this is really being seen worldwide.

Many women want the commitment, they want the proposal of marriage, but a lot of times, actually a majority of the times, men start to get cold feet about the whole subject and actually break-up instead of moving forward in the relationship.

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Now, whether this “cold feet” happens on the first date, or a couple months into the relationship, or even years into the relationship, it does happen.  The relationship just ends so abruptly because the man feels everything is just moving too far, too fast and he feels pressured.

It’s pretty typical that women want men to open up and talk to them, and tell them how they are feeling.  It’s not that men don’t want to do that, it’s mostly because they “can’t”…they don’t quite know how.  They cannot articulate what is going on inside of them.  What women really need is to have some insight that would teach them a way that is non-pushy and non-manipulative to actually inspire their man to move forward in the relationship all on their own.  They want the man to want to move forward.

Women want to know from the very beginning what she can do to inspire him and attract him and really touch him deeply in his man-core.  His inner masculine self, if you will.

Once he is touched in his inner core and inspired, then at that point he takes over and moves forward.  With millions of women in a position right now where they feel the relationship is standing still and stuck from moving forward, women need help inspiring their men.

No matter what stage of a relationship you’re in, it’s painful when these guys pull away.  Whether it’s from the first date or after a few dates and they don’t call again.  Women don’t understand what they are doing wrong and the man is just becoming more and more distant.

And even after several years of being in a relationship, and he still doesn’t want to commit to marriage, well, that’s just very painful indeed.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Where do I even find out how to get him to commit to me?”  That’s a valid question because there is SO much available out there about how to help guys get a girl, but there really hasn’t been much on how a woman can get her man to commit.

However, two relationship experts, T-Dub Jackson and Jonathan Green got together and really delved into this problem.  They have come up with a total solution.  It’s called the Girl Gets Ring System.

I know you don’t want to waste any more of your time, waiting for him to propose to you, when in fact he feels pressure from you and is actually pulling away.

The Girls Gets Ring System actually helps you in a non-pushy, non-manipulative way to get that devotion and commitment from him that you so desire.  You don’t want to be threatening or scheming or give him ultimatums that simply do not work, and it just doesn’t feel good to act that way.

I mean, do you really want to drag your man kicking and screaming to the altar?  What kind of marriage would that be if it started like that?  What you really want from him is a commitment that is enthusiastic!  You want him to be excited to want to be with you and commit to you.

You need to feel that you actually deserve a healthy relationship, and that you deserve the love and support of a fulfilling relationship.

You also need to feel that it’s not just you contributing to the relationship and that it’s all one-sided and that you’re getting nothing in return.

Millions of women like you want to get married.  Whether you’re just starting out dating and you’re looking for that Mr. Right, or if you’ve been in a relationship for a while and you’re ready for him to commit to that next step, the Girl Gets Ring system can help you.  Don’t waste any more of your time waiting to become Mrs. Right.  You’re worth it right now.


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